Pay when the repair is complete


We'll complete your repair as quickly as possible We normally only bill when the job is complete and ready to be despatched back to you. We may ask you to pay an element up-front if there's a significant amount of material that we have to order in especially. [...]

Options, costs and timescales


You choose the most appropriate option A completely invisible repair is usually possible, but in some cases a more economical option is preferable. We'll recommend what we think is most appropriate, but the choice is yours. For example, if only one panel is damaged on a fairly new wing, [...]

We assess the damage


We want to ensure everything gets fixed properly We recommend a thorough inspection to ensure that all the damage has been identified. Once we know everything that needs to be fixed, we can assess how much work is involved and what materials are required. We carry extensive fabric stocks so [...]

Send your kit to us


We really need to see your kit to be able to give a quote You can email us photographs of the damage and we'll do our best to give an indication of the likely cost, but it's only when we can see it for ourselves that we can give you [...]


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