Reserve repacking time


With the flying season drawing to a close, you may find yourself thinking about next year’s adventures, after winter has passed and welcome warmth returns. But it’s also that time of year to spare a thought for your reserve: is it up to the job that it might just be [...]

Reserve repacking course in India


Back in March 2017 I got a call out of the blue from Chetan Doshi, who lives in Mumbai. He regularly reads these SkyWings articles, and he asked me if I would go over to India to train some local pilots to become qualified reserve packers. He was concerned that [...]

What could go wrong with my reserve?


One of the pilots I know in my local club had reason to deploy his emergency parachute this summer, when turbulence at the edge of a strong thermal caused a big collapse and he found himself gift wrapped. His Beamer opened quickly, and after a short period of going up [...]

Spirals, SIV and safety


Last week on a short cross country flight, I was heading away from my climb towards the edge of the cloud when I hit very strong lift that took me by surprise and into the cloud briefly before emerging into clear air. It prompted me to share some personal reflections [...]

Reserve service life


Emergency parachute systems Last month we looked at the different types of reserves and factors to bear in mind to make sure they give good service. But how long can we reasonably expect to have full confidence in a piece of equipment on which we may have to rely to [...]

Reserve repack


Time to think about repacking your reserve If you only take one thing away from this article (as well as seasonal best wishes from Aerofix) please let it be a new year resolution to get your reserve repacked. So why it that so important? It’s a tough life for a [...]

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