Line strength

2019-03-13T17:11:56+00:00Line strength|

Over the last couple of months we’ve had a number of gliders fail because there lines were no longer strong enough to fly safely. In each case the pilot was disappointed – that’s entirely understandable – but in a couple of cases surprised as well. So what might be [...]

Taking care of your lines

2018-10-10T08:48:40+00:00Line strength|

I’ve focussed before on line strength and line length, both of which are critical to the safety and performance of our gliders. But what are the practical steps we should take to make sure our lines remain up to the job? It used to be assumed more widely than it [...]

Line strength

2018-10-10T08:31:05+00:00Line material, Line strength|

Know your lines Last month we looked at how your glider’s safety and performance depend on making sure that the length of your lines remain within specification. But it’s also of vital concern that they remain strong enough to do their job. How strong do they have to be, and [...]


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