Why do lines shrink?

2018-10-10T11:54:07+00:00Line material, Line measuring|

Since we started using laser equipment to measure glider linesets at Aerofix, we’ve measured over a thousand gliders. Measuring the distance from the risers to every attachment point on a canopy reveals exactly where line lengths deviate from specification, and the program we wrote enables us to determine exactly what [...]

Making loops on lines

2018-10-10T10:01:48+00:00Line material|

The lines of our paragliders have loops at each end to connect the maillon, to other lines or to the line tab on the canopy. But how are the loops made, and is there anything we should look out for? In the early days of paragliding all lines used were [...]

Line strength

2018-10-10T08:31:05+00:00Line material, Line strength|

Know your lines Last month we looked at how your glider’s safety and performance depend on making sure that the length of your lines remain within specification. But it’s also of vital concern that they remain strong enough to do their job. How strong do they have to be, and [...]

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