You choose the most appropriate option

A completely invisible repair is usually possible, but in some cases a more economical option is preferable. We’ll recommend what we think is most appropriate, but the choice is yours.

For example, if only one panel is damaged on a fairly new wing, it may make sense to replace the entire panel exactly as is was when new. But if the damage is more extensive, or if the wing is older, then you may choose to have just the damaged sections replaced, even though that means that there may be additional seams visible.

Take a look here to get an idea of the different options.

When we give you a quote we’ll also let you know how soon we think your kit will be ready. The timescale for a repair can vary depending on how much work is involved, what materials might need ordering, and the level of demand from other pilots for repairs. In many cases repairs are completed within two or three weeks, but this can be longer particularly over the busy flying months of the year.