How much will a repair cost?


To answer that we really need to examine your kit first You can email us photographs of the damage and we’ll do our best to give an indication of the likely cost, but it’s only when we can see it for ourselves that we can give you a quote. Take [...]

How much does an inspection for a repair cost?


We recommend an inspection to make sure all the damage has been identified A thorough inspection of the fabric of the canopy costs £40. We can also carry out an inspection of the lines for an additional £30. If you're sending in a harness for repair, we can inspect [...]

How much does a replacement line cost?


Replacement lines cost £15 each, with a  few exceptionsA very small minority of lines are more expensive because of their material or construction. If this affects any line you order, we'd be in touch about the additional cost, and you'd be free to cancel your order for a full refundPostage [...]

How much does a reserve repack cost?


To repack a square or PDA (pulled-down-apex or round) reserve and reinstall it into your harness or front mounted container costs £65. For a Rogallo the cost is £95. If you detach your reserve and send only the inner container, the cost is £10 less.

How much does a glider service cost?


A glider service can be either a Technical Service or a Full Service (what's the difference? ) and they are priced as follows: Paraglider type Technical Service Full Service Solo £105 £180 Tandem or paramotor £120 £200 These prices include all necessary testing. The test results may [...]