Will it match the length of my existing line?


We make replacement lines the length specified by the manufacturer As you may know, linesets can shrink, so you may find that the line we supply made to the manufacturer’s specification is longer than the one it replaces. If that’s the case, have a look at the article Fitting [...]

Will it match the look of my existing line?


We make replacement line to match the original specification That means that the material we use will always meet or exceed the technical requirements the manufacturer specified. Usually the material we use will also be an exact match for colour, but occasionally we may have to use the closest alternative [...]

How quickly can you send them?


We despatch replacement lines as soon as possible, usually within a week If you need a large number of lines or if we have recently received a large number of line orders, it may take slightly longer. If you have a particular time constraint, please indicate in the order notes [...]

How much does a replacement line cost?


Replacement lines cost £15 each, with a  few exceptionsA very small minority of lines are more expensive because of their material or construction. If this affects any line you order, we'd be in touch about the additional cost, and you'd be free to cancel your order for a full refundPostage [...]

How do I order a line?


Order any replacement lines you need online Order a line Our lineplan database contained lineplans for almost every glider model. Using this you can identify the code of any replacement line you need