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Packing your glider

2019-03-07T11:44:32+00:00Glider service tests, Packing|

Packing away your glider may be something that you’ve not given much thought. Perhaps you just follow a familiar pattern that has altered little over the years as different wings have come and gone. Or you may have carefully studied the manual for your current wing, and thoughtfully worked [...]

Reserve repacking course in India


Back in March 2017 I got a call out of the blue from Chetan Doshi, who lives in Mumbai. He regularly reads these SkyWings articles, and he asked me if I would go over to India to train some local pilots to become qualified reserve packers. He was concerned that [...]

Untangling lineplans

2018-12-23T12:41:47+00:00Replacement line|

Read about lineplans and line codes. Discover how to fit a replacement line to your glider. If you damage or break a line, the quickest and cheapest way to get in the air again is to order a replacement line to be sent through the post. It’s something we’re happy [...]

What could go wrong with my reserve?


One of the pilots I know in my local club had reason to deploy his emergency parachute this summer, when turbulence at the edge of a strong thermal caused a big collapse and he found himself gift wrapped. His Beamer opened quickly, and after a short period of going up [...]


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