Air thoroughly


Layers of damp fabric can stick together, with the potential to delay the opening of the reserve. We hang the reserve up to air until it is thorougly dry before repacking



It's vital that the reserve is compatible with the harness or front mounted container to ensure a swift and easy deployment. So we check to make sure that: The reserve folds comfortably into the deployment bag The lines slip out of the mouthlock easily The bridles and maillons are in [...]

Repack carefully


Care is taken to follow the manufacturer's instructions meticulously and reproduce the packing method used when the reserve was certified

Examine for damage


Before hanging the reserve out to air, we carefully examine the lines and canopy to make sure there's no evidence of damage or contamination. Reserves can inflate very sharply, creating a significant shock loading, so any signs of weakness are taken seriously. We also check the condition of the bridles, [...]

Check deployment


The first step is to carefully deploy the reserve and make sure everything works as it should: Do the pins release easily? Does the reserve come out without needing too much force? Are the bridle and lines long enough to allow a good swing without the mouthlock releasing? Do the [...]