Should I install a reserve myself?


We'd recommend you ask for advice from a qualified packer You can follow the manuals for your reserve and harness carefully if you like, but take particular care to ensure that the reserve is compatible with the harness. If you're in any doubt, seek advice and help from someone who has [...]

Should I get a steerable reserve?


Is the extra cost worth it? There are two different types of steerable reserve available: the established Rogallo design; and the newer steerable square. The Rogallo is particularly quick to open, so can be faster than a square. However, the design is much more complex, and as a consequence there [...]

Is a square safer than a round PDA?


There's not much in it, but a square may be slightly better Modern PDA and square reserves are both quick in deployment and stable as they descend. But the flatter shape of the typical square reserve may make it slightly quicker to deploy, and stabilise faster. Another aspect of square [...]

How long does a reserve last?


Usually 10 years, but it can be up to 12 or 14 Most manufacturers specify a ten year service life. Examples include Gin and Ozone. But some others stipulate a longer period, such as Independence who stand by a 12 year service life for their reserves. We have seen other [...]

Why do reserves go out of date?


The manufacturer's service life is the best guidance there is It would be ideal if we could test reserves like we can paragliders to be able to conclude they remain servicable, but unfortunately that's not possible. Given that the pilot's life may depend on the speed and reliability of deployment, [...]

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