We have been an AirDesign dealer for many years

As well as looking after your kit we can also supply new wings, harnesses and reserves.  We have a good relationship with Martin at AirDesign.  Many of you will have seen that James flies a Rise 4.  For a demo, or to discuss your requirements please call or email us.

A little bit about AirDesign

Born in the Austrian Alps, AirDesign was founded by two world class pilots, Stephan Stieglair and Martin Gostner. The idea was simple, to create the gliders they always dreamed of flying. Starting for a garage the two founded there business in 2011,  focusing on providing high quality paragliding equipment that’s lightweight, high performance and, most importantly, fun to fly.

Easy 2 (SL) (EN-A) – The most fun EN-A glider on the market!

Vivo (EN-B) – The only glider you’ll ever need!

Rise 4 (EN-B) – The Wow effect!

Soar (EN-B) – Rising Superlight

Volt 3 (EN-C) – Electrifying Performance!

Hero (EN-D) – Ultralight High Performance!

SuSi 3 (EN-B-D) – Fast, Simple & Safe!

UFO (EN-B-C) – Ultralight Flying Object

Ride 3 (EN-B Tandem) – Ride the sky!

Hike (EN-B Tandem) – Superlight Tandem

For more information or to arrange a demo, email or call us on 01433 627195.